Teacher Partnership Program

Teacher Partnership Program Full Day Visits to Green Timbers Elementary

The UBC Let’s Talk Science Full Day Teacher Partnership Program matches a group of volunteers from UBC into K-12 classrooms to deliver several lessons in a single visit. This year the Full day trips are at Green Timbers Elementary in Surrey. We are looking for a volunteer group leader to lead and organize these visits. This is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills and an outstanding addition to teaching resumes and CVs. 

Group Leaders will work with a dynamic group of 1-3 volunteers to deliver the activities. Visits will be part of full-year partnerships, like the standard Teacher Partnership Program you will visit the classroom 3+ times throughout the school year. The volunteer(s) will spend 1 full day at the school and lead the class(es) in hands-on/minds-on science activities as a means to engage children and youth and get them interested in the sciences.

Volunteer Expectations.

Group Leaders will liaise with schools and volunteers to arrange visits, will organize kits and rides to and from the school.

Make 3 visits to your partner school throughout the year with your group.

Log your visits on the Let's Talk Science Portal

For more information or to sign up, email partnership@ubclts.com using the Subject title: Full day TPP visits.

Sign Up

**Signup for the Teacher Partnership Program for the 2016-2017 school year is closed!**

 New volunteers


Full training is provided. New dates for 2017:

  • 26th January 5.30-7.30pm
  • 8th February 5.30-7.30pm

Any questions email partnership@ubclts.com 


Truly unique to Let’s Talk Science, the Teacher Partnership Program (TPP) pairs a volunteer (a.k.a. the scientist) with a teacher in the Vancouver community. The scientist visits the teacher’s classroom throughout the school year and leads the students in hands-on, fun activities. This program exposes the students to a "real-life" scientist and helps the teacher supplement his/her science curriculum.


TPP is the core of Let’s Talk Science at UBC and is by far our most popular program for volunteers, teachers and students alike. The volunteer-teacher pair work as a team to decide on the topic of each visit as well as other visit logistics (date, time, etc). After the topic is chosen, the volunteer can create his/her own activity, check out our pre-assembled classroom activities, or can contact a coordinator for ideas and help (supplies@ubclts.com). We also supply the volunteer with all the needed materials and even have a modest budget for each visit that can be used to purchase materials we don’t have.


The experience is rewarding for all who participate in TPP. Many of the relationships formed between volunteers and teachers continue from year to year and both parties enjoy working together as part of the team. Volunteers gain experience presenting and communicating with the public. Teachers enjoy have an expert to help with the science curriculum. Most importantly, students have real-time interaction with a scientist who engages them in a hands-on/minds-on science activity. In other words, this program makes science FUN!!


What is required of teachers and volunteers?


We ask that teachers and volunteers commit to at least three visits over school year (more visits are great!). We train volunteers on how to give an effective presentation and teachers are also able to support the volunteers in this regard. Again, we have a variety of resources to assist volunteers in planning these visits. Teachers are also asked to give evaluations at the end of each visit so that we can continue to improve the program.

 If you have any questions please contact the TPP Coordinator (Claire) at partnership@ubclts.com.




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