Darian Arman: SMaRT guys finish first!

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Why did you decide to join Let’s Talk Science?

Darian: When I first got here, my first year, I was looking for things to do and ways to get involved at UBC. I found this program. I really liked how it was different kind of volunteer experience from the ones I did in the past. I thought it would be a bit of a challenge dealing with younger kids with something they may or may not be interested in.

What projects have you helped with?

Darian: Only SMaRT so far.

What do you like most about volunteering with Let’s Talk Science?

Darian: I really like how you know you’re making a difference. When you get there at the beginning of the year, students may not be that keen on science. Once they’ve seen your enthusiasm for it and once you really get them involved, they really changed their attitude towards it…You can really see how you’ve changed their perspective on science.

Do you have a favourite memory or story from a recent school visit?

Darian: In my first year, There was a boy who, when we first got to the class, was not into science at all. He didn’t participate much. We struggled a bit when we tried to get him to participate in experiments. By the end of the program, after getting to know him and talking to him more and more, he was one of our best students. He really loved the experiments. He’d be the most enthusiastic about answering questions. I just liked seeing how you can change someone.

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