Betty Fei and Janet Yu: Getting with the Teacher Partnership Program


Are you anxious about visiting a classroom alone? Good news, you can bring a friend! Friends Janet Xu (pictured on the left) and Betty Fei (pictured on the right) signed up for Let’s Talk Science two years ago. Since then, they’ve been visiting classrooms together. This dynamic duo has done a great job engaging kids in science and they’re having fun doing it!

Why did you first join Let’s Talk Science?

Betty: It seemed interesting how they do science outreach events. I was thinking I might want to go into education, so it was a good opportunity

Janet: I thought it was interesting, too. It’s something I never tried before so I wanted to see what it was like.

What projects have you helped with?

Betty: Mostly it’s been the teacher partnership program, so going to classrooms and doing science demos. Also, I volunteered as a judge for a science fair competition. And I also volunteered for the All Science Challenge.

Janet: Mostly with the teacher partnership program

What do you like most about volunteering with Let's Talk Science?

Betty: The student interaction

Janet: Getting to meet new people and seeing the kids’ enthusiasm.

Do you have a favourite memory or story from a recent school visit?

Betty: During one of our teacher partnership visits we got lead a cow eyeball dissection for the class. That was interesting!

Janet: One of the demonstrations we did was “elephants toothpaste.” I did try it earlier but I wasn’t sure it was going to turn out well. It did – and the kids were super excited. They said ‘it’s like soap!’ and they were all crowded around.


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