Educator FAQs

  1. What can Let’s Talk Science do for me?

Our core initiative, the Teacher Partnership Program, features interactive and education classroom visits, adapted for a wide range of student, from those in kindergarten to grade 12.   Our volunteers can facilitate hands-on experiments for your classroom, 2-3 times per school year.   For more information, contact the program Coordinator at

We also offer a variety of other programs that elementary and high school educators in British Columbia can benefit from. Please check out our outreach programs here.

  1. What do graduate and senior undergraduate student bring to the classroom?

Our student volunteers are well equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have an extensive and solid understanding of the general sciences and the scientific method.    

Most importantly, our volunteers are enthusiastic, organized and terrific communicators and have a knack for making science fun!  These amazing volunteers are ready to engage students in interesting topics and activities and at the same time, act as positive role models for your students. 

  1. How is Let’s Talk Science different from other outreach programs?

While all science outreach programs work to achieve the same goal (improving science literacy), Let’s Talk Science is unique in that is completely student volunteer-run and all our programs are free of charge.  We receive generous funding for many supporters who share our commitment to science outreach and as such, we are able to purchase supplies and equipment for activities. Funding also allows us to travel to rural and remote areas of British Columbia to reach students who do not live near Vancouver.

We also strive to ensure that volunteers, as well as youths, have a rewarding experience. As such, we maintain a very flexible and supportive environment for volunteers to be creative and innovative in terms of their outreach. We allow the volunteer and teacher to work out a schedule that works best for both as well as what they want to achieve with the activity. In this regard, a unique and rewarding experience occurs for all involved- teacher, students and volunteer!!

  1. How is the Let’s Talk Science program funded?

UBC Let’s Talk Science is generously funded by several sponsors and individual donors. See a full list of sponsors here.  Let's Talk Science is a registered charity. If you would like to make a donation, please go to our donation page and specify that you want to support the UBC site.

  1. How do I contact Let’s Talk Science at UBC?

The best way to reach us is by email:

We also have a mailing address (but email would be best!):  

UBC Let’s Talk Science 
University of British Columbia
2374B-1874 East Mall (in Brock Hall Annex)
Vancouver, BC   V6T 1Z1


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