Volunteer Expense Claims and Invoices

We can reimburse you for up to $20 per classroom visit if you cannot find the supplies you need in our office. It is likely that you could spend more if you wish BUT you MUST get expenses larger than $20 per visit authorized BEFORE you make the purchase. Email Gillian Fuss (gillian@ubclts.com) to ask!!

DEADLINES: All expenses and invoices incurred 1st September - 1st March must be submitted by 15th March. Expenses incurred between 1st March and 31st August must be submitted by 15th September.

 Do you wish to submit (click to select):

(a) Regular expense claim (Community events, Teacher Partnership to schools in Vancouver, SMaRT, Mentorship, MEED)

i. Less than $20

ii. More than $20

(b) An invoice you wish to be paid (coming soon)

(c) Rural trip expense claim - this includes Teacher Partnership visits outside of Vancouver 

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Regular Expense Claim Less Than $20

If your total claim is under $20 we can reimburse you directly in cash during office hours. Please email us at supplies@ubclts.com before visiting the office to ensure that we'll have enough money to reimburse you or just turn up with the receipts.

Make sure that receipts contain ONLY items that were bought for Let's Talk Science purposes (i.e. if you do your grocery shopping at the same time, ask for a separate receipts)No need to fill out a form, but before you claim, make sure your activity has been logged on the portal.

(If you can't make it into the office you can claim using the form - see Regular Expense Claim More Than $20)


Regular Expense Claim More Than $20


Make sure your activity has been logged on the portal

You need to scan or photocopy your receipts, fill out the LTS expense form and send both documents to gillian@ubclts.com. Make sure you read the instructions carefully to ensure quick reimbursement. (Documents below)

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED                                                              

1. Provide an itemized receipt for all expenses. Credit card receipts alone are not acceptable.
2. Receipts should contain ONLY items that were bought for Let's Talk Science purposes (i.e. if you do your grocery shopping at the same time, ask for a separate receipt)  
3. Torn, washed or unreadable receipts will not be accepted.  
4. Car expenses: Include where the car was taken, why you needed a car and how many volunteers were transported. If using your own car mileage is needed. Reimbursement costs are made to the driver only and are calculated by applying the mileage rate to the actual driving distance at $0.49 per kilometer. You can estimate km's travelled using google maps.
If using car rental i.e. car2go then the receipt for your rental is needed. After you have submitted your claim you will be sent a travel requisition form you will have to sign and return.
5. Airline expenses: Paper airline tickets must be accompanied by the travel agency invoice. In the
case of electronic tickets, submission of a copy of the itinerary/receipt is acceptable. (Invoice or itinerary/receipt must show ticket number, breakdown of cost and form of payment). Boarding passes also need to be submitted. After you have submitted your claim you will be sent a travel requisition form you will have to sign and return.
6. Food expenses or gifts need to be accompanied with a list of people who ate the food or received the gift(s).
7. If you have lost a receipt or do not have an itemized receipt please fill out a missing receipt form, sign and send to Gillian with an explanation of how the receipt was lost – link below.
8. Download the expense form -  link and instructions below -  and complete.   
9. ***Please make sure to return all leftover supplies to Let's Talk Science ***


1. Log your activity on the Let's Talk Science Portal.
2. Fill out the form completely to avoid delays - link below.
3. Save the files with the following format: LTSProgramName_YYMMDD_YourName.xlsx i.e. Mentorship_ 160217_JohnSmithxlsx
3. Number your receipts sequentially and write number on receipt. 
4. Scan or photograph all receipts.  If you have multiple image files use www.convert-jpg-to-pdf.net to convert them to one multi-page PDF. If you have multiple different PDF files use www.pdfmerge.com to covert them into one multi-page PDF.
5. Save your scanned receipt file with the same format as the expense form (ProgramName_YYYYMMDD_YourName.pdf). If your PDF is too large to email use smallpdf.com/compress-pdf to compress it.  
6. Send scanned receipts and expense form to gillian@ubclts.com with the subject line "Expense Claim" for approval.
7. Once you receive confirmation that your expenses have been approved, please send your receipts to Kevin Ziebart at the following address via campus mail:                                                                         
Kevin Ziebart
Old Administration Building
University of British Columbia- Point Grey
Room 150 - 6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z2

8. If you are an active UBC employee and already receive direct deposit from UBC, funds will be deposited directly into your bank account. Otherwise, a cheque will be mailed to you. Please allow ~6 weeks for reimbursement.    



Rural Trips

If your expense is for a rural trip (or you are not sure) please contact your LTS program coordinator. For Teacher Partnership contact Claire at partnership@ubclts.com and for rural trips contact Sherie at trips@ubclts.com


If you have any questions please email Gillian Fuss: gillian@ubclts.com

Click here for address to send regular receipts to!

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