Benefits of Volunteering

Let’s Talk Science at UBC is a network of graduate and undergraduate students studying any and all areas of science who share a common interest in educating the public and youth about science. Our definition of science is broad and includes life and physical sciences, engineering, math, technology and all the associated umbrellas!


As a volunteer, you will:

  • Be a positive role model for youth.
  • Be an ambassador for science and help break the stereotype of what science looks like (i.e We are not old men with crazy hair in labs coats!).
  • Bring science into an accessible and positive light for young people. We aim to have all youths think of science as something that they all can do, that it’s not just for “smart people”.
  • Develop communication and presentation skills.  A group of young people is a relaxed environment in which to practice public speaking as well as translating your science to a group of people not in your field. This knowledge translation is an increasing of focus of science and its funders!
  • Develop leadership skills. We have many leadership roles available for volunteers who want to take on more responsibility.
  • Be supported in your outreach endeavors. We have activity ideas, materials, equipment and a budget for you to work with in your activity planning.
  • You’ll meet new people and make great friends
  • Have a great excuse to take a break from the lab.
  • Have great experience to add to your CV. Let's Talk Science is recognized and supported by Tri-Council funding agencies.
  • Overall, your experiences with Let’s Talk Science will enrich your student life while at UBC.


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